Center for Regenerative Medicine


Portland, OR

Center for Regenerative Medicine



Hans, the founder of our Foundation, suffered from various heart conditions that greatly impeded his quality of life in his later years. He engaged himself in researching many treatments, some of them novel, and traveled extensively in an attempt at improving his own condition. This journey led him back to practically his own neighborhood at OHSU and the Center for Regenerative Medicine. 

Dr. Kenton Gregory and his team are pioneering practical approaches to some major health issues. Some of their current research includes regenerating tissues lost to aging, trauma and disease, and focuses on using a patient’s own stem cells, amplifying their numbers, and delivering those cells to a specific location in the body for maximum effect. Those benefiting from this type of research include soldiers with battlefield injuries, burn victims, people with neurological disorders, and countless others with nervous, muscular or vascular afflictions.

We support OHSU’s and Dr. Gregory’s research in the field of cardiac (heart) regeneration. Congestive heart failure is a major condition caused by heart attacks or from cardiac toxicity from chemotherapy in cancer survivors. Congestive heart failure costs our country billions of dollars in resources and affects over 6 million Americans. OHSU’s research for this condition looks at the practical, simple, safe and affordable solutions that can be easily implemented using mostly existing materials and methods. OHSU and the Center for Regenerative Medicine is pioneering an exciting, innovative methodology of applying science to deliver simple solutions to tremendously difficult and complex problems and we are proud to support the effort.