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The apple production market in Mexico is developing and producing products at an increasing rate, with variable quality and quantity. Stemilt Growers offered an opportunity for a small group of Proyectos participants to travel to Washington to temporarily work and learn modern apple farming techniques in their central Washington orchards. Stemilt is a family-owned fruit company that’s been in business since 1964. The Mathison family owns and operates Stemilt Growers, and proudly grows, packs, and ships the best apples, pears, cherries, and summer fruits. They are one of the leading apple farming companies both in Washington State and the United States.

The farmers visit Stemilt after completing an exhaustive US government process to be issued an H-2A visa. This allows them entry into the U.S. for temporary or seasonal agricultural work. We work together with Stemilt to select workers who are legal and eager to work and learn in a safe environment with the support of an ethical company that has its workers best interests in mind.