Proyectos Para un Futuro Mejor is building the skills of the future generation of participants by awarding scholarships for study in universities in the state of Oaxaca. The goal of these scholarship awards is to encourage young men and women from the rural communities to obtain a degree in agriculture or some other field directly related to the prosperity of the communities. Such a collegiate degree will benefit the individual, their community, Proyectos, and will serve as a connection between isolated, underserved communities and vital resources and knowledge regionally and globally.

In order to ensure the long term success of Proyectos’ work in indigenous communities, it is important to support young men and women from these communities in education. They are the ones who are best able to continue work on the current programs and develop future initiatives. They know the people, the culture and speak the same languages. They will be the ones helping to ensure the success of the communities and developing long-term self-sufficiency. 

Applicants are required to have finished high school, have a good academic record, good standing in their community and fill out an extensive application, maintain good grades and perform work and community service during and after the study period.

For applicants meeting the initial criteria, Proyectos supports tutoring for the entrance exam and the cost of taking the exam. For those subsequently chosen to receive the scholarship, Proyectos pays room and board and full tuition for the entire period of study.

In 2015, we will investigate other scholarship opportunities in the local area. These may include academic degrees in other fields such as medical, business and engineering. We will also look into trade school certifications in areas such as refrigeration and mechanics.