PSU Engineering Scholarships


We believe in supporting all levels of focused impact to promote sustainability, drive ingenuity, and to encourage individual welfare, community and nation building


Portland, OR

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Hans studied engineering at Portland State University and went on to establish a civil engineering firm in the 1970’s. Even though he did not graduate from PSU, he began supporting scholarships at the university in 2000 in order to provide hope and a helping hand to those in need.


We understand the major significant gains that can be realized through some of the most basic engineering solutions. This is especially apparent in developing countries, where simply providing an hour of light after dark can help a child complete his homework, or where the design of an inexpensive vent can divert the smoke from indoor cooking fires to remove a major health risk in a family dwelling.

In the more developed areas, we rely on engineering skills to solve some of our most important issues, such as infrastructure improvements and water conservation. We believe in supporting engineering careers that can lead to local and global advancements for everyone. We select motivated candidates that demonstrate a willingness to use their time and skills to be a role model at the community level and to help improve the quality of life for others.